"The secret of the principle for restoring balance to your life is: be the peace and harmony you desire."

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

7 quotes that inspire me to achieve greatness

Everyday I get inspired by combinations of words, often quotes, shared by inspiring people who live or have lived...

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Marbles vision animated (pt. I): True friendship

We envision a world here every human being – yes everyone – is living their dreams, inspiring one...

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2 amazing tips to become a great storyteller

Human beings grow up with stories. And approximately everyone will be reading stories to children when they grow...

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How to surprise 50 strangers with smiles on paper

At Marbles we love to do things that inspire people to live their dreams. And what better moment to be inspired is...

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Why today’s society loses grip on me

Society won’t knock me down. I am happy, being a man with a vision. I foresee a world where everyone lives...

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Tale of happiness: The hungry road to success

Once upon a time a young boy came into the shop of his uncle. He wanted to buy a Snickers, yet he couldn’t find...

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This is how I carry on when every bit of me wants to give up

When every muscle in my body is tired and every movement is painful, when every thought is defeating and my mind...

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How to become a successful singer when you can’t sing

At Marbles we-love-to-sing. We sing when we drive to work on our bikes, we sing when we get ourselves a cup of...

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How to have a good time with scammers on the Internet

I’ve been advertising on several online marketplaces lately in order to sell my car. And so far I’ve received...

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