Meet the Marbles family



Hi there, my name is Tom, I am the youngest of the three brothers van Sleeuwen. With only twenty-one years of age I have twenty-one years of experience in sharing my smile with the world. I have four years of experience in making my way around the world of design and over a year of experience in discovering and realizing my dreams with passion and commitment. As co-founder and head of design at Marbles, I am spending my days creating new and better ways to enrich and market the products we offer. I dedicate my life to inspire and empower people to live their dreams. So, I started with myself. Enthusiasm, curiosity, and creativity accompany me on this journey of life. I make sure that while doing this, I am enjoying myself and that I am sharing my happiness with the people around me. I hope that one day we get to share our happiness together.



Hi, my name is Bart and I am co-founder of Marbles. I am the down-to-earth kinda guy that makes sure the company keeps running smoothly. I take care of the website and Facebook and love to write a blog every now and then. I am the co-creator of our seminars and workshops and also perform these inspirational contents. I am training and educating myself to keep my knowledge up to date and keep expanding my expertise. I am a teacher and love to teach my knowledge to others. I am using all my life experience to get as close to my students as possible and fit my teachings on a personal level. I love this wonderful world and my job and put all my effort into this beautiful and heartwarming profession to brighten up the life of others.



Hello you, my name is Roel. The pronunciation matches ‘rule’. Though I am the oldest Marbles co-founder, I am not the strongest one, so I don’t literally rule Van Sleeuwen. I hold office as the one with the overview. Being a writer in nature I create new worlds on paper, providing most of the content in for example our seminars. With experiences as a thinker in search for myself and the truth, I’ve recently decided to just be me. A happy man with a vision to change life on Earth for (the) good. My passions are exploring and questioning this wonderful world and laughing about it’s complexity. Dancing is another way of sharing happiness I truly enjoy! I care about others and therefore dedicate time and energy to help. I will personally take care of coloring your world in your favorite colors. I don’t mind whatever mood you’re in, how old you are, which gender you have, how often you eat a day, or what music you listen to. I just like to make you smile.