10 simple ways to act and think like a millionaire.

Ever wondered what the difference is between rich people and poor people? Of all people in the world, 0.15714 % are a millionaire. That is 11.000.000 people! (World Wealth Report from Merrill Lynch 2011)

Why are these people millionaires?  What are the big differences between these people and the average person? Why aren’t you one of those millionaires? Here are 10 ways to act and think like a millionaire:

Number of  High Net Worth Individuals per continent (2009)

1. Hold on to your beliefs
Follow your passion and believe in the things that make you feel right. The average person tends to give up easily after a little setback. You have to truly believe in your goals, pursue them till there is nothing left to try, and then try more! Never give up, that is what rich people do.

2. Create your life yourself
Rich people believe that they create their lives while poor people believe that life happens to them. There is no one other than YOU that creates the life or your dreams. Take responsibility of everything that happens in your life and take action, yourself!

3. Create money
Rich people think in money creation, while the poor only think in how NOT to lose money. Unconsciously your mind acts upon your thoughts. When you picture an image of not losing money, the only image that pops into your mind is… loss of money. Think of ideas that CREATE money and transform them into images in your mind!

4. Action
A very obvious one, yet a lot of people forget this step. There can be a 1000 ideas that have the potential to make you rich, if you don’t take the matters in your own hands and act, there will never be a materialisation of your ideas into money. Rich people act upon those ideas!

5. Think in solutions
Rich people think and focus on opportunities while poor people focus on obstacles. Rich people don’t see problems, they see challenges. Every problem has a solution, rich people have the mindset to not give up and find that one solution that makes them rich.

6. Aim high
Rich people dream big, poor people do not. Let’s say I set the extreme goal to do 50 chores today, I might be able to succeed in doing “only” 40 of them. If I plant to do 10 chores… Well, you can do the math.

7. BE someone
Rich people believe that you have to “be” someone, they are willing to be different. Poor believe believe they have to “do” something and by just doing, they are the same as any other “doer.” Rich people stand for the things they believe in, they follow their passion and are unique!

8. Get a successful network
Rich people associate with rich and successful people.  Do you have any rich or successful friends? Or are all of your friends poor?

9. Keep learning
Rich people learn from their mistakes, because they believe it’s their own fault they fail. Poor people think that they have learned everything and believe failure is not their fault; it “happens” to them. One of the fastest ways to be financially abundance is to learn directly from people who have already achieved riches. Keep growing as a person, gain enough knowledge to make your way to riches.

10. Deserve success
Rich people have the feeling they deserve to be successful. They have done enough to become successful so they do. You have done enough too, right? Believe that you deserve to be successful and start acting upon that belief.

Everyone can become a millionaire. You, your neighbour, your brother, your friend, even your mailman.
The “only” thing neccessary is to get the MINDSET of a millionaire.

That’s all there is to it, period.
Good luck ;)