12 techniques to transform a hopeless morning into a good morning

Waking up, the toughest task I have to do all day. As a child I woke up early every morning without any problems. Every day was a new adventure full of new experiences and fun! Nowadays I am happy if I wake up with enough energy to walk to the bathroom… But I’ve broken free from the curse called sleepiness and grumpy mornings. Learn from the student that became the master: How to start a good morning with energy and motivation to create a day full of satisfaction and smiles? Here are 12 techniques:

1. Write down the things you want to do the next day
This works best if you do it the night before. It has been proven that you remember the last thing you do before you go to bed best. Picture images of  these achievements in your head. A clear image gives power to your thought. If you make a list (write it down!) of what you want to achieve the next day, you wake up with that list and have a reason that motivates you to get up.

2. Eat breakfast
Not only your mind is sleepy, your body needs to wake up too. How to do that better than by eating a healthy breakfast?
By eating breakfast your body activates and gets enough energy to begin the day energized.

3. Stop using the snooze button
Unlike most beliefs using the snooze button makes you even more tired. People that use the snooze button set their timer earlier in the morning. And by setting that timer earlier they force their body to wake up earlier from their deep sleep cycle. All they do is shorten the efficiency of their sleep time and make their night shorter. On top of that you give your body a lot of contradictionary signals: does it have to wake up or not?

4. Get a good night of sleep
An average person needs 7 to 8 hours of sleep. But you are not the average person!
Every person is unique and yes, that also reflects to your need of sleep. Try to go to bed an hour earlier than usual for an entire week. Compare that week with the “average week.” Did you feel more energizes throughout those days? Only through trial and error you can find the perfect sleeping rhythm.

5. Take a moment to relax before going to sleep
A lot of people go to bed with their smartphones or watch some TV in bed. By doing this you give your body no time to relax and get ready for sleep. To start a good night of sleep you need to relax your body and mind and get sleepy. How often do you put away your smartphone and can’t sleep of all those thoughts that go through your head?
Take 10-15 minutes to sit down and do nothing. Get back in contact with your body and relax your mind. Focus on what you want to do the next day (step 1) and then go to sleep.

6. Let in some sunlight
Your body reacts to sunlight. If you keep the room dark, your body keeps producing melatonin, which keeps your body in sleep mode. Sunlight activated your nerves which through multiple hormones rise your body temperature and other functions of your body. Also the warmth of sunlight on your skin is a warm motivator to start the day bright and happy.

7. Motivate yourself
An inspirational quote above your bed or a white board with all your dreams on it that motivates you when you wake up .
You need to activate your mind and by reminding yourself to your goals and dreams or great examples you wake up with enough motivation to fight off that sleepiness and discomfort!

8. Tackle a big task
Almost every day has a big task that you don’t want to do. By doing this big task first you get a great amount of satisfaction. The satisfaction will float you through the rest of the day with ease. Don’t argue, just give it a try!

9. Tickle your senses
Wake up to the music you like most or set the timer on your coffee machine to smell the aroma of fresh coffee early in the morning.
By tickling your senses, you wake up the brain and start the day happy and energized.

10. Plan in extra time 
Most people are extremely tight planners. By planning your morning to the second, there is no time to have a bad-hair day or search for that favourite shirt that is hiding out somewhere. Plan in 10-15 minutes of time to wake up relaxed and without any stress. That will greatly boost the start of your day.

11. Become active!
I don’t like this one either, but by doing some early exercise you get the blood in your body pumping. This wakes up the body and mind and makes you a warm, less sleepy and energized after. Do some push-ups, sit-ups or take 5 minutes to stretch your body. A hot shower gets the blood flowing also.

12. Wake up at a the same time every morning
Your body needs a rhythm! You will be surprised how easy it is to get up when your body wakes itself up automatically.
An daily rhythm, however, takes time to develop. To achieve this rhythm, you have to start with listening to your body every evening.
Instead of watching a television show late every night, take that time to relax and listen to your body. Are you tired? Go to bed!
This way you get enough sleep and waking up at the same time will be a piece of cake!

Trust me, these techniques work.
Not a single day went by without me running late and stressing myself out. I literally almost gave myself heart attacks because I panicked  out every morning.
Give it a try, start with one technique and work yourself up by becoming the master of waking up.