5 pursuits to enjoy the inspiring sunshine

After a long cold winter that lasted long into spring, I am finally able to enjoy the warmth of the sun. But what can I do outside? I’m a bit rusty and forgot how to have fun in the sun. You too? Here are 5 pursuits to enjoy the sunny days:

1. Music
What is a better combination than music and a warm sun shining on you face? I love to listen to music while relaxing in the sun. Take a big headphone, add some fine tunes to your MP3 and just go for a walk. Or sit down if you like to be lazy. Enjoy the warmth of the sun on your face while the best sounds flow through your brain.

2. Sport
This is the moment to finally start to add action to my good intentions of 2013. Finally the weather is warm enough to actually start to jog without having to worry my hands will fall off. Get up off that seat and call that person you promised to sport with right now. This is the moment to become active, the weather is awesome, it can’t get better than this.

3. Visit a friend
I always wanted to visit my friend that lives 20 km’s away, but I don’t have a car. Now is the moment to take the bicycle and visit him. The weather is so nice, the trip will be a great experience on it’s own, and I can finally have a beer with my long lost pal. It is spring and the trees are all blossoming around. What is better than to cruise around, enjoying the beauty of nature crawling out of her shell again and catch up with my friend?

4. Go for a philosophical stroll
The sun makes me feel good. I enjoy to walk around, completely in my own world, analysing everything I see and philosophize about it. If you’re not good at it, ask a friend who is. It is awesome to let your thoughts go and experience a new world full of new challenges and ideas. Create it yourself, be creative, and enjoy! The sun is there to keep you company on your journey.

5. Go on an adventure and laugh
After this long and cold winter, I have forgotten how the city looks I live in. What stores are there in the center and are there any new ones? I love to just go to the center of my city and enjoy a cold beer or ice cream and look at people passing by. I prefer to take a friend with me which I can gossip with and have a laugh at the craziest of people walking by. No, this is not a crime, it is a great way to train those laughing muscles again. They have a layer of dust laying on them, get them moving!

?. Inspire others
I wrote down 5 things you can do right now, but the number of activities are of course infinite. Help others with your creativity!

Good luck enjoying the sunshine. Get out of your cosy chair and move that lazy ass. I think it won’t be that hard, spring is beautiful!