Are men really better drivers than women?

One of the most common discussions about men and women are about who’s the better driver. Well facts and figures don’t lie:

 Women were involved in 5.7 crashes per million miles driven. Men, on the other hand, clocked up just 5.1 crashes per million miles. Also note that men drive an estimated 74 per cent more miles per year than women.

Not only do women get into more crashes, they also drive a lot less miles than men. What also appears to be an interesting fact is that women have a lot more accidents with other women than men to men: Dr. Sivak and his colleague Brandon Schoettle studied data from a nationally representative sample of police-reported crashes in the U.S. from 1988 to 2007. They had expected to find that accidents involving two male drivers would make up 36.2 per cent of all crashes, while female/female accidents would account for 15.8 per cent and male/female 48 per cent. These guesses are made on the fact that men drive a lot more miles than women. However, they discovered that accidents involving two women drivers were 20.5 per cent, while male/male crashes were much lower at 31.9 per cent. Accidents involving male and female drivers stood at 47.6 per cent, as expected. It appears that women crash mostly on intersections and T-junctions. This fact can be explained because of the height of women. Women, of course, are on average smaller than men. The overview of the road ahead is less according to their height. So this could be an explanation of the problem with junctions. The facts, however, state that women really are worse drivers.

 “Fun” fact: Men have a chance 3 times higher than women to die in a crash, because they tend to drive a lot faster.

But where do we draw the line of being a bad driver?
Is it when you crash into someone or something or is it because you break the law and get caught because of that?
If we look at the numbers concerning broken speed limits, driving through the red light etc. we can see that men are way more often involved:

Reckless driving ————- 3.41
Driving under influence —- 3.09
Seatbelt violations  ———  3.08
Speeding ———————- 1.75
Failure to yield ————– 1.54
Stop sign/signal violation –1.53

So, again, where do we draw the line?
Men are more reckless and careless, but women get into A LOT more crashes.
I still think men are better drivers, if you think otherwise? Prove it to me!