Cooking healthy pays off

Cooking has always been a hobby of mine. It is great to cook an awesome meal and be able to really enjoy it after some hard work. It is a goal I can achieve every day.

I’m the kind of cook that appreciates tasteful food. I like to use a lot of spices (not too much), a good piece of meat and some vegetables and carbohydrates. I am the creator of some very tasty dishes that blow my tong palates away. However I don’t always go “all out” on my cooking. I don’t always feel creative and don’t have the energy to make a healthy dinner. Cooking healthy takes time and dedication. On the less energetic days I’d like to get something to eat without putting ANY energy in cooking. However it does not work that way. There are also healthy meals that don’t take a lot of time. Thank you, Asia. But it would cost me SOME energy nonetheless.

So what will be the choice on these less energized days? Junk food. Pizza, sate and some sandwiches are often on my “junk food menu”.
These kind of foods make me feel even less energized and positive. Junk food costs a lot of energy to digest and it even makes me feel nauseous sometimes.
I definitely believe that food has a big impact on my body. Too bad I only think about this after I ate junk food and feel the results.

Thank god myself I have my cooking experiments. I have fun, I relax, I use my creativity, get some satisfaction AND I eat a healthy dinner. On top of that healthy food gives you more energy afterwards than it takes to make it.
Now, don’t everybody want that?

Seasoning tip:
A tip to season meat that I’ve learned from Jamie Oliver:
Take a cutting board and get the spices you would like to use.
Season the plate with a thick layer of spices and mix them togheter.
Take the meat and rub it over the plate.
This way you rub the spices into the meat and the taste will be much better.