Create opportunities by taking action, today!

A direct quote of Masterchef Australia:

I would love to take a bite of that delicious looking apple pie, but no-one has given me a spoon yet.

Funny, how that relates to life:
If I keep waiting for someone to give me a spoon, I might never taste the delicious and amazing taste of that pie.

Life is all about MAKING chances and opportunities.
No-one will come towards me with the following words: “Hey, I like you, would you work for me?” or “Hey, you there, do you want € 23.421,- ?”
If you are that one-in-a-million-guy who actually experienced this? You can consider yourself lucky, because in general no one is!

What I am trying to say is: work for your chances.
If you promote yourself to a hundred people, one or more would probably be interested.
If you would promote yourself to a thousand, ten or more might be interested.
You will get a positive result if you keep creating your own opportunities.
Look at me: I am writing blogs and you are reading them. Voila, doing work is paying off:)

Keep trying to get your spoon because everyone can do it.
Especially you, because you are unique!