Defeat the traffic jams in your life

I am driving on the highway, the bass of my music is beating onto my ear drums, the sun is shining bright and I can feel the engine of my motorcycle snoring below me. Suddenly I see a lot of cars braking in front of me: A traffic jam. How do these jams occur and why do I link a traffic jam to life?

First of all, how does a traffic jam occur?

Traffic congestion occurs when a volume of traffic generates demand for space greater than the available road capacity; this point is commonly termed saturation.

There are certain proven theories that create saturation:

1. Butterfly effect
This mathematical theory claims that small disturbances, like a driver changing lanes, can create a sequence of events that slows everyone down. Other theories build on this claim:

2. Invisible waves
This theory claims that an invisible wave of congestion is created when the initial issue forces several rows of cars to stop. Those stopped cars in turn cause others behind them to stop, creating a ripple effect. The jam will not dissipate unless everyone is able to move at the same pace at once.

3. Tragedy of commons
It’s an economic theory that claims most jams are caused by the opportunity cost. Since a majority of roads are free to use, people use them as much as they like, whenever they like, which causes congestion.

I give you an example:
Let’s say, a car in front of me changes lanes. This car, however, moves 5 km/h slower than the car in front of him on the “new” lane. The car behind him then has to slow down to create a safe driving space. The car behind this one has to slow down even more to compensate the sudden decrease in speed. A few cars further behind this car notice breaking lights and slow down to make sure no accidents happen. This wave of braking moves through the line of traffic until the driving speed reaches zero. A traffic jam has been created!

So know we understand how traffic jams occur, but how does a traffic jam apply on certain events in life?

The traffic jam in life

A persons life is formed through events and experiences. If you get to know a person better, there often are stories around that person that changed his/her life on a big scale. These chain of events can be seen as braking cars. A lot of people let these chain of events direct their lives. If you let that effect move on into your life, you can be put to a stop.
For a person to feel good and to be happy, one has to grow. By stopping in life you can’t achieve those feelings any more. It is vital to move on after an event that has a big impact on your life. Learn from it, process it and move on!
It is you who can decide to stay in this traffic jam and wait for it to resolve, or to take a short cut and get to your location by your own actions.
If you are in the midst of a traffic jam in your life and you are standing still, don’t worry. Take your time to think of a way to start moving again. Relax and try to look at your situation in a different light.

I am currently driving through life on a motorcycle. No traffic jam can stop me, I keep on going anyway…

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