Happiness is in little things

Photo by Bev Lloyd-Roberts

It’s a beautiful day, the sun is shining, I’m feeling good, nobody can stop me now.

Queen; a great song…
However only a few people see that beautiful day or feel good. In this western culture everything revolves around working for money:
The first half of your life you study your ass off to get the education needed for a job. The second part of your life you work to make enough money to live. If you are lucky you have some retirement to enjoy the last part of your life.

Why can’t we enjoy a beautiful day? After a long winter I love to feel the first warming bright sunrays on my face. Can I enjoy them longer than 10 minutes? No, I have to continue to study in a dark and cold building.

In this world is (almost) no room for joy! Or is there?
Of course there is room to enjoy life! The key to experience joy isn’t in the big things. If there is a ray of sunlight you got to be able to enjoy the moment. Because of the stressful environment a lot of people aren’t living in the present. No, they live in the future. And if you live in the future, you can’t enjoy the present.
People are thinking of what to do in the next moment, the next 5 minutes, the next hour, the next day!
This way you keep your mind occupied all day long. You are tired when you get back from work and all you want to do is sleep, because your mind is completely exhausted. When sleeping, how strangely it sounds, the mind does not relax. Compare it with a battery: when you use it a lot, it gets hot.
When you recharge it, it gets hot too. Both ways strain the battery and make the lifespan shorter.
To relax the mind, taking a moment of doing nothing is necessity.
So take that moment to feel that warming ray of light, take a moment to feel a warm flow of water moving over your body. Stop thinking ahead and eat a homemade sandwich WITH taste, and taste alone!

Live right now, because now is the only true thing you experience.
You will enjoy life more and will have more energy through the entire day!