Facts and figures: The power of caffeine

A lot of people talk negatively about caffeine, but is that really justified? A new facts and figures: The power of caffeine.

Every morning I wake up and see everyone around me drinking coffee. I always wanted to stay away from this kind of addiction. However even I couldn’t resist the power of caffeine. It makes waking up so much easier!
“Isn’t this “drug” bad for my health?” I wonder. Well here are some facts:

Caffeine is quickly absorbed into the blood stream and increases the body’s metabolic rate by ten percent

Caffeine has been shown to make a person more mentally alert including an improvement in mental speed-related tasks

Three cups a day helps retain memory

Coffee can enhance your workout and recovery

If we look at these facts, it doesn’t seems so bad, does it? Recent research even suggests that regular coffee consumption may reduce the risk of health conditions such as type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, and liver cancer. Regular coffee drinkers might even live longer.
It appears that coffee is not just a drink with caffeine but it also contains a lot other (useful) ingredients.
Tea, and especially green tea, has a way better image than coffee, because of the antioxidants in the tea that are good for your health. However, it has been reported that coffee contains a lot more antioxidants than tea.

And what about the negative side?
So how come that coffee has such a negative image compared to tea?
Well first off some facts:

Caffeine can increase the heart rate.

This is a fact, so people with heart issues are better of without coffee. However if you are a healthy person, it won’t occur unless you drink liters of the black gold.

Too much coffee can, on a long-term basis, strip you of some of your vitamins and minerals

Again, only if you drink lots and lots of it every day. And I think Coca Cola or any other drink will have negative effects on a long term basis.

Drinking just three cups of coffee a day can make women’s breasts shrink

Wow, wow. This last one seems bothering, doesn’t it? Well don’t worry, it is such a small difference that most people don’t even notice. And if you do notice, there is always the wonder bra!

But wait, there are a lot more drinks that contain caffeine:
– Coffee – 70 mg / 100 ml
– Energy drinks – 35-50 mg / 100 ml
– Tea (small amounts) – 35 mg / 100 ml
– Chocolate milk – 20 mg / 100 ml
– Cola – 3-25 mg / 100 ml
– Etc.

The drink that contains the most caffeine is still coffee. And all of those drinks mentioned aren’t bad for your health because of the caffeine in it but because of the other ingredients. For example, the energy drinks of today aren’t bad for your health because of “too much caffeine.” The real culprit in these drinks are the extreme amounts of sugars. This is the same for soda and sweet drinks.

So to conclude this facts and figures:
Just keep drinking caffeine drinks, but don’t overdo it. If consumed regularly, it can even boost your health!