Do smartphones negatively affect our social lives?

Many lives today revolve around their smartphones. It has integrated in the current modern society so fast; we can’t even remember how it was without them. Smartphones have become our best buddies.
In this blog I am going to tell you some facts and figures about smartphones (and usage) that will blow your mind:

50% of Facebook visits are by mobile

80% of the world population has a mobile phone and 90% of the world population has access to mobile networks

There are 5 billion mobile phones on the planet, of which 1,08 billion are smartphones

89% of the smartphone users use their smartphones throughout the day

76% of pictures and movies shot are done using smartphones.

Over a 100 million YouTube videos are played on mobile devices EVERY day

Wow, a lot of figures here. What we can see here is that a smartphone is a must have these days. Everyone is using it and there are infinite things to do with the phone; a smartphone is currently a multi tool for the average person. It is a communicating device, a game console, an agenda, a clock, a timer, a browser, a camera, etc. etc.

All these apps mask the fact that the smartphone is actually meant for 1 purpose in particular: communication.

Communication using a smartphone
A lot of people communicate using apps. Whatsapp, Ping, Facebook messenger, MSN, Skype etc. Because most of these apps use internet, it is cheap (free) to use. You can even make groups where you can share your thoughts and fun with your friends and many others at the same time.
However, because of all these applications, the pressure of having to communicate increases dramatically.

93% of communication is non-verbal

This means that by using these apps, we only deliver 7% of our intended message to others. This is not a problem if you share a joke or agree on making an appointment, but it does become a problem when emotions come into play.
When a message is send using sarcasm or other complex kinds of communication, there is a big chance for miscommunication. Because of the complexity of human interaction, without the help of body language, it is easy to misinterpret a text message.

When hearing a contradictive message we have a tendency to believe the non-verbal hints we receive.

However, we are not able to see the body language when receiving texts. So be careful with what you send. Be clear about what you try to say and keep it simple. This way, miscommunication can be avoided.
Or if you want a good conversation, just meet up. Talking face to face is still the best way to communicate!

So to conclude this episode of facts and figures: Using a smartphone today is almost a must.
But be careful: although communicating using apps is quick and accessible, a conversation can turn around in an instant.
I speak out of experience; my girlfriend is a total ass on Whatsapp. Luckily she makes up for that in “real life.”