Facts and figures: Spending time on the internet?

Internet is integrated in our lives. We can’t live a day without it. But how much time do we spend on the net? A new facts and figures:

There are currently 2.4 billion of internet users worldwide. That is 34% of the entire world population.

In December 1995 the internet was officially “opened” for the consumer. 0.4% of the world population was using the internet.
10 years later the percentage has increased to 15,7%. We are currently, 17 years later, at 34% percent.
I guess we can safely assume that the internet is rapidly making his way to everyone on earth.

So we know how much people use the internet, but what do we actually do on the net?
Well, 22% of time spend on the internet is through social media, another 42% is spend by viewing websites and the remaining 36% percent is used for mail, searching, commerce etc. So social media is a huge part of the internet. 1 out of 7 people on our planet use Facebook and 42% of the Facebook users even checks their Facebook status when they wake up in the middle of the night.

How much time do we spend?
An average of 16 hours a month is spend spend on the internet. Western countries even spend 32 hours a month surfing. That is equivalent to half a month a year! If you consider 8 hours of sleep, its almost a full month. So we people spend a lot of time on the internet, but what exactly are the pro’s and con’s?

Why is internet good for us?
As we all know the internet is a immense source of information. If we have doubt about a subject: ask Google! Because of all this information we people can use the information to gain knowledge about almost everything.
Another good thing about the internet is that you can get in contact with virtually everyone in any way. By using fora and social media we can get in touch with other people very easily and this people are only one click away. However, internet also has a bad side.

Why is the internet bad for us?
First of all it is bad for our health. When you are using internet, you are using little to none movement. People don’t use most of their muscles and the body temperature is going down. Next to that people don’t listen to their body anymore. We lack to listen to the signals our bodies are giving us. Exhaustion, hunger and thirst are common results from the lack of connection.
Secondly, the internet has a bad influence on our mental health also.
Because the internet is such a huge source of information, it is difficult to find a reliable and credible source of information. Don’t just look on the first site and assume that the information given is true. Compare information from multiple sources before deciding what is right.
Next up is isolation. When using the net to get in touch with people, people increase a virtual connection but decrease a physical connection; they are not actually there in real life. Balance in physical and virtual connection prevents isolation.
Internet stress is also a common example of bad internet influence. A lot of people experience negative emotions while using Facebook. Psychologists from Edinburgh Napier University surveyed 200 students and found that 12% said Facebook had made them feel anxious, 32% said that rejecting friend requests had led to feelings of guilt and discomfort and 10% said they didn’t even like to get friend requests.
While the internet is meant for fun and relaxation, a few people tend to over do it; they get addicted! Living on the internet is not a way to hide for your real life problems. You got to face them eventually!

So the internet has some pro’s and con’s. But in today’s society you can’t escape using internet. Make sure you don’t overdo it and everything works out fine.
You want to know if you are a bad internet user? Fill in the quiz on this site “click” and find out!