How a mistake I made turned into a lesson

Day in day out I make mistakes. It is a natural part of life. I believe making mistakes is not a bad thing, it shows me what I have to do different. Here is an story of my latest “mistake”:

I have a dream: I want to have a dog as my best friend. One that feels the way I feel and supports me. I am the kind of person that has difficulties expressing my feelings into words. A dog is THE creature for me to connect my feelings with without having to talk.
Sadly I never ever had a dog yet. My brother is allergic so having a dog when I lived with my family was never an option.

Still dreaming  is always allowed, and dreaming of a dog I did! I even selected a certain type of breed that fits my characteristics: a Shiba Inu.
This dog has every characteristic that I can find in myself and I just love the way they look.
The characteristics are:

  • Extremely smart
  • Cat like with it’s grooming habits requiring few baths
  • Independent and aloof
  • Quiet, most Shibas don’t bark much
  • Alert, Bold and Confident
  • Cute and adorable
  • Very curious about everything around him
  • Lively and high spirited
  • Small sized, athletic, strong with a “BIG DOG” personality

If I would have to explain my personality to you, apart from catlike and the barking part, my personality looks extremely similar to this.

A miracle happened

About a month ago, something amazing happened. I am living together with my girlfriend for about 3 months now and we are finally getting settled in the apartment.
I, finally able to live my dream of having a dog, am searching everywhere to get a dog. Then my girlfriend gets a tip: a friend of hers has to give up on her dogs because of problems with her home. She has 3 dogs that she has to give a new home. One of these dogs is a Akita Inu of 2 years old. An Akita Inu is similar to a Shiba Inu, except for its size. An Akita is a few sizes bigger. The characteristics, however, are very similar.

I was trilled! I can live my dream, finally, after 23 years!

Within 2 weeks the first encounter of me and Bruce (the Akita Inu) took place. In this moment we had to decide if we wanted to take him with us or not.
I, filled with enthusiasm and excitement, was stressing out all day. Would Bruce like me? Would I feel a “spark” ?

When he first saw me, he didn’t really pay attention to me, but that doesn’t matter. It’s in his personality to be dominant in the beginning.
However, when I sat down on the couch, Bruce came to me. I petted him a little and he started to growl. A second later he barked at me, LOUD.

Pfoe… It scared me, it scared me a lot. I have been bitten by a dog when I was little and the fear of that moment arose in me. Oh no, I can’t become scared of Bruce, this is my dream! I have to take him with me.
And we did take him with us that night, only to bring him back the next day. The fear in me was so intense that I couldn’t be in the same room without feeling cold, scared or uncomfortable. And Bruce felt that.

I have made the mistake to rush things and in the rush I have forgotten to prepare myself mentally and in particular emotionally. I lost a beautiful dog because of fear.

I have learned from this experience. I know now that I really really want a dog. I want it because I want to have a friend that is always there for me.
Not a big dog, but a medium sized one. One that I feel comfortable with, that listens to me, feels me. A dog that I can romp with, without being afraid that he overpowers me.

I learned from my mistake and by learning I didn’t make a mistake after all. I needed this to happen to be sure what I want, and that is exactly why I try new things.

Learn from your experiences, good or bad, and feel good.
I will keep searching for a puppy, a friend, that will be by my side just for me…