How to challenge yourself every day!

Waking up, getting work done and going back to sleep. That’s the rough sketch of an average day, or isn’t it?

People are not made for daily routine. We need to have a (new) challenge every day to stay motivated.

The less routine the more life.” – Amos Bronson Alcott

Every person’s routine is unique, but the importance of stepping outside our cycle of common activities is necessary for personal growth and intellectual development.
When I am motivated to do something new I have the feeling that I am able to move mountains. And, actually, I can!

Human strength is not expressible in how much weight we can lift, or through how many wooden boards we can kick, simply because our strength does not solely come from muscles but mostly from our thoughts and beliefs; our brain. We have the power to create everything we can imagine!

A shame that there is no room for this in the current western sleep-work-sleep society, or maybe there is?

The “only” reason that has stopped me from doing “my thing” is guilt, uncertainty and shame.
However, if everyone would play life safe and live without making leaps of faith, we’d still be living in a cave and hunt for that tasty squirrel.

There have been many people before me who made the choice to be different. These people are the inventive and undertaking people that made our current way of living possible.
Satellites, internet, even extremely soft toilet paper; all invented by people who thought out of the box and believed in what they thought they could do best.

You are not one of them? Of course you are!
Find that thing you love and can do best, put in a 1000% effort, believe and just start.
It might be hard, but I took that big leap of faith too.

Need any help? Just send me an email and I will try to help you getting started: or fill in the contact form here.

You’ve got to start somewhere; Marbles, Start with a dream!