Motivation: a challenging task?

Looking out on my backyard I see my precious motorcycle. It’s stalled in the garage, completely stripped from all body parts. It needs some maintenance before I can take it for a spin. There is nothing I’d rather do than driving this monster. It’s a white Honda SP2 and I’m in “love” with it.
The maintenance required to drive takes 2 evenings of work max. However it is standing there this way for a few weeks now.

Why can’t I put myself to it? 
Why do people always postpone their works or their duties? Why do people postpone until they reached their deadlines and finally have to start working in panic?

To find the answer to these questions we first hafe to take a look at the human nature. It feels great to get things done. The satisfaction is huge if we finish something difficult. Still we like to take the easy road every single time!

Procrastination: hard work often pays off after some time, but laziness pays off now!

It’s all about when you receive satisfaction. If you have something to do that will take hours to complete, a big project for example, you will not have satisfaction for hours until you’re finished. However if you do a job that only takes seconds,  checking your mail or update your Facebook, you receive a small amount of satisfaction almost instantly!

Why choose for hard work if you can have small amounts of satisfaction every time?

Well compare the total amount of satisfactions you get from opening your Facebook; it’s getting less every time and nothing really happens in the meantime. You DON’T ACHIEVE anything!
How to avoid the easy road?

It’s easier than u think: focus and set yourself to it. The amount of satisfaction after finishing a big job will last all day, even days, and gives you the idea you are achieving.
The best way to keep focused is to keep your mind on the finish. If you finish that important project you don’t have to think about it anymore and you’re off until the deadline. You can become lazy afterwards and enjoy the moment of completion as long as you want.