Living at night

It’s dark and quiet, the city is sleeping, and I am awake.

For some reason my brain likes the silent and dark environment. It comes alive.
I feel my body, I remember every detail I want to remember and my creativity is going trough the roof.
How come I only have this at night?

 Biologists say the discovery of a new photoreceptor gene in fish, birds, and amphibians implies that mammals may have gone through a nocturnal phase in the course of evolution.

In normal language this means that there is evidence mammals slept during the day and hunted through the night.
I almost immediately believe that my body is still believing it has to use most of its energy at night.
I can’t get out of coma before 12:00 in the morning, I start living around 18:00 and I cant sleep before 2 o’ clock at night.
I can see better in the faint light of moon and my senses are sharper than during the day.

On top of that I use the owl as a symbol to describe me best; I love to learn, I practically “knowledge.”

Too bad this society does not have room for this kind of strange living normalities.

Sleep well people, good morning owls!

Photo by Ddigits