Making decisions bring positive results

After gathering all my courage I’m finally able to step up and make my move, or not? Please anything or anyone; give me a sign!

Everytime I am going to do something big, I like to look for a sign around me. A falling star, a blinking light, a strange sound, anything that’s “different.”As if I need approvement for my actions from a “higher power.”
Well to be honest; I’d love to have someone make the hard decisions for me. Making decisions has never been my strongest point.
BUT, if I want to live my life my way, I have to take responsibility and take control. How? By making my own decisions and choices!

By being able to make every choice I make with thought and awareness, I am able to live my life the way I want to.
Every single choice, every single thing I do, has to be in line with what I want to achieve.
By making every choice this way I keep redirecting my life towards my dreams and goals.
I am the only person who can make a change in my life, and NO ONE is going to stop me!

Live the life you love!
For everyone that is waiting for a sign: –> GO FOR IT!