Optimism is the solution

It’s a dark, windy and rainy day… On top of that I got up too late and while I’m halfway my route I suddenly remember I’ve forgotten my notebook. This is going to be an awful day!

Because of this kind of attitude I WILL indeed be having a bad day. All that happens during the day will be negative because I will see it that way.
“Pessimism.” The word itself sounds creepy. This word defines: the tendency to expect the worst and see the worst in all things.
By being a pessimist you will never really enjoy life, you are only waiting for the next bad thing to happen!

Did you know that pessimism is rooted in human’s nature. Where does this negative attitude actually comes from?

Being a pessimist comes from the human’s survival instinct. By preparing for the worst, we were able to survive in various situations.

However in the current society I don’t need this kind of instinct anymore, it’s even working against me!
By thinking positive and looking for a solution, I train my mind to search for possibilities. These possibilities may and will bring me to my dreams and goals.

Giving up is a part of pessimism. Whenever I can’t fix something I always become upset and hopeless: “It is not possible!”
If I keep believing it is possible and stay optimistic, I will  keep trying to find a solution. There has to be an idea that will be the solution.

So keep thinking in possibilities and believe:
Every coin has two sides, so turn this negative start of the day into a positive ending.

And thats exactly what I did today :)