Resolving morning stress

Photo by cozgrl05

It’s 8:45 in the morning and I am late… as usual! I have to be on my way in 5 minutes; hurry, get that pants and find a t-shirt that’s still decent. Also I need my wallet and my phone.
Got it; now get going! When I sprint to the door I quickly go through a checklist in my mind: bag with books; check, wallet; check, earpieces; check. When I almost slam the door shut I scare the crap outta me: I FORGOT THE KEYS.

Every time I have to hurry I end up forgetting something. Because of the stress in my head I can’t really focus on what to do. My mind keeps going round in circles and thinks of what the result is when I’m really late and what the exact color of my t-shirt really is. Not relevant!
However this is my own doing sadly. I’m unconsciously wandering around to find everything!

Whenever I’m not in a hurry I do everything correctly. This is because I think about it and then do it. The conscious mind sees me taking those keys and reminds it. No need for a checklist before leaving now.

If I be conscious through the day, I’m not only aware of all that’s wonderful but also have no stress whatsoever.