The power of balloons

Five years old, standing between hundreds of children, with a beautiful red balloon in my right hand. After a countdown of 10 seconds I am wondering why everyone let go of his balloon? My mother standing next to me says that I too have to let go of my balloon. With a sad look on my face I let it fly up into the sky…

A few weeks later my school receives a letter from a Frenchman. He found my balloon and sent me the attached card back!
I won the contest of retrieving the attached card from the balloon over the biggest distance.
My price was: pick something from a table full of things a child does not need. However there was a little notebook I chose that I still have up to this day.
This is one of the little memories I have left from my very young years…

Now, many years later, I am walking towards the train and see a balloon flying a meter above the ground. It is dark so I don’t notice the card attached to the balloon until I am standing next to it.
It is a balloon from France! A school in France is doing the same thing my school did many years ago, and I found one of the balloons.
It feels like my balloon returned to me!

This balloon symbolizes freedom and happiness.

This balloon, once again, makes me believe in (nearly) impossible things. When I was young: 200 + balloons released and the one from me won the contest. And now: a balloon released 1000 km away chose to be found by ME!
Normally I live my life by calculating everything in odds. Well the odd for a balloon to go this far and be found by me should be somewhere near 0,0000000403 %. That’s close to nothing. However it is a chance. And that’s exactly what I have to believe in: every chance is a chance.

If there exists a chance, and it is something beautiful? GO FOR IT!

Dear balloon owner, I hope that when I send you your card back you will win the contest, just as I did. It is a start of a great life full of miracles and opportunities.
Thank you for reminding me of that.

Never stop believing,