The power of scents and flavours

A fresh baked bread, the smell of a pie in the oven, a sniff of a fragrance I love…

Scent is a powerful thing.  Whether I recognize it or not, my nose is capable of analyzing thousands of smells.
Most of the time I analyse these  smells unconciously. Luckily some smells do trigger my mind and make me feel happy.
As you might already know:

Research has shown that smells can have an effect on mood, and particular smells have a positive effect on the majority of people.

And that’s why smelling good is so important.
I don’t smell my own deodorant, or after shave, or even my fragrance, however it is very important to smell good to your surroundings; I would like to emit positive scents instead of negative ones.
People might not connect this negative feeling directly to smell but the subconcious does it for them.

I, myself,  don’t usually notice scents,  often I am hurried and don’t have time to breath let alone smell!
There are so many positive scents around me all day, and I don’t even notice…

“You have to MAKE time for these moments, Ace, because these small boosts of your emotional state make life worth living:)”