The truth about the mystery called deja vu

When I walk into the room, I notice that there is something different, I have seen this image before. Was it in a dream, was it in a vision or a past memory? All my senses are titillated and I feel as if I just had a paranormal moment. Déjà vu, that’s what it is called. But what is it exactly?

To explain a déjà vu we first have to know where it comes from.

The term déjà vu literally means:  “already seen”

The word has first been used by the psychologist Edward B. Titchener in his book A Textbook of Psychology (1928). He explained that a person experiences a certain object or situation before the brain has completed the construction of a full concious perception of the situation. A so called déjà vu is thus nothing more than a false feeling of recognition, an anomaly of memory.

Autch, this takes the entire magical moment away from a déjà vu. Nothing paranormal or divine happening here…
There are some researched facts about déjà vu’s that tells us it only happens to a special type of person.
Déjà vu’s don’t happen to everyone at the same rate.There have been higher reported occurrences among those with higher incomes, those who tend to travel more and those with higher education levels.  This moment of recognition tends to happen more often to the open-minded and more relaxed among us.

Is a déjà vu just a mental error?
I, myself, believe that when I experience a déjà vu, that my body tries to tell me there is something to learn from the situation I feel and see.
The moment I “feel” the déjà vu, my body kicks me back in reality; in the here and now. There are no thoughts of the past or the future, just now.
I  experience all my senses, I feel my heart beating and the air flowing into and out of my body. I am EXPERIENCING now.
And that is exactly how I use this strange phenomenon.

Live now, this is the only place where I can change my life to the way I like. A déjà vu is nothing more than a wake up call of my body:

Wake up Ace, start acting upon your dream now, no time to waste!