Goals and Intentions

In preparation for our #1 seminar I came across a most-important aspect which we have to understand first before we’re able to live our dreams and teach others to do so. It is the difference between having an intention and setting a goal.

The human mind is a goal-driven instrument. In other words: every human being aims for goals to achieve. The definition of a goal is: ‘An object of a person’s ambition or desired result.’ Brushing your teeth for 2 minutes in the morning is an example, passing a test with a score of >5.5 at school is another one.  Setting a goal meets at least 2 parameters: it has to be measurable and have a deadline. A goal has a timeframe and is therefore a point in the future. Setting a goal is not hard, everyone is capable of doing it well. In fact, growing older comes together with setting goals.

Clear goals come fort out of practice. The more you set goals, the better you’ll be at it. However, goals without intention lack power and thus driving-force. Intention gives direction to the achievement of a goal. Intention refers to what one plans to do or achieve. The definition of intention is: ‘A driving force which determines the outcome of the action.’ … Ok, I apologize, that definition is not practical at all. The definition that works for me after hours upon hours of research is the following: ‘A desire aligned with my life-purpose before(!) any action I’m about to take.’ Maybe… This definition didn’t work out for you as well…

Let’s look at a practical example: I am preparing a plan to combine all truths of life in a simple and functional package for our #1 seminar. Before I start to DO anything, I set up an intention to find all the necessary knowledge about how-to-set-a-goal, what follows are articles and books where I find all of the adequate information. If my intention is to find knowledge and techniques regarding personal development I would probably be overstimulated by all the information I’d find. BUT if I just start searching content for the seminar, with-out an intention, I will find everything and therefore nothing worthwhile. An intention directs me, my thoughts, speech and actions towards the achievement of a particular goal. The intention determines the outcome.

In short: you can set as many goals as you want. But if you do not have an intention to achieve them, they will never be realised. An intention is much more powerful than setting a goal in life. An intention is a goal AND the driving force IN ONE. Intentions empower you to reach any goal.

My Goal: I want to inspire you to think clear and feel good.
My Intention: I intent to write this blog post as such.

Feel free to create your own goal, start with #1 and intend to make it happen by following through on the steps to it’s achievement. Satisfaction and gratitude will be your price… followed by much much more.