1 secretive piece of my personal vision

I am here to fulfill my life-purpose which is to inspire and empower fellow human beings to live their dreams. In other words: I fill my days with creating products intended to inspire other people to express themselves. I want others to be happy, because I know how happiness feels – one of the best feelings in the world. The text below is a piece of my own vision, which I share with you… Just because I want you to feel good, and make the best of your life – day by day. 

…I am inhabiting this world as a living soul enjoying every moment sincerely. I am living together with everyone, black, yellow and white, short and long, fat and skinny, whatever visible differences we’re characterized by. In our hearts we know we’re made of the same substance and therefore respect each other because of our equalness. I am the neighbour, and the neighbour is the dog. We make use of time, instead of letting it use us. Everyone is making a living with joy and passion by doing what he/she’s interested in expressing his/her feelings in harmony with each other. We’re still getting different rewards for what we do, because not everyone wants to be a billionair for whatever reason. No, everyone is enjoying the abundancy they’ve been given by the Universe. Everyone IS abundant, as a result of their mindshifts. Our minds are tamed, we’re all enlightened, we make advantage of our minds in order to sustain an everchanging world. Peaceful at heart, silence wonderfully combined with laughter and tears of joy. This colourful world full of green throughout the year is a result of the eco-friendly habits we’ve transformed to. I am living in a neighbourhood where we eat together every Sunday, taking care of all the needs, and you’re free to tune in or not participate without any reason. I am free to be me, expressing my true self talking to people in trains, smiling and waving at children and grown-ups while driving. We are united as one family, we choose to be together, we choose to live togheter, we choose to be each other. We are the world…