3 Ugly truths why you should educate yourself

Everyone is here on Earth to do something purposeful. You too, you have a purpose in life. Whether it be nurturing 5 children, start a billion dollar business or growing vegetables in a monastery garden. Every purpose is beautiful, once you’ve discovered how to use your mind, instead of being used by it.

The start of using our most beautiful instrument, the mind, happens at home and in school. And though every human being is able to create magic. They do not learn this in particular at school. In fact, they do not teach us anything about the human potential. Why not? Every one has the potential to amaze the world. Whether you believe it or not, it’s the truth: the beautiful truth. The ugly truth is different. Insights in yourself is one of the most important things missing in the curricula of primary schools and high schools. Let’s start with the beautiful truth.

The beautiful truth
At first, the experiences we collect. Friendships we build, trips to foreign countries, some of us even meet the love of their lives at school. School really is the place to meet people in the age 4-18.

Secondly, the development of global knowledge. Though some may doubt whether we need to know how to draw and match colors in art-class or how King Arthur ate his soup in history-class, it gives us a broad perspective and insights in what we like. You don’t know whether coca cola tastes better than milk when you’ve tasted anything else than water, do you?

And third, what else should we be doing if we weren’t at school? Working? What work? At the age of 4? No, the educational system has its strong points, but, does it maximize our potential as a human being?

Let’s define potential. The Apple Dictionary defines it as follows: latent qualities or abilities that may be developed and lead to future success or usefulness. In other words, potential is personal. Every single human being has a unique set of talents.

The ugly truth
At first, if every person has a unique combination of qualities, why doesn’t the educational system provide a curriculum to explore these qualities? I mean, yes, in high school we have to think about our future. But they fail in communicating WHY we need that information.

Secondly, does the educational system have a clear mission to fulfill? And do they have a vision to work on? Where can I find them as a student, parent or outsider? I mean, how can they teach others how to prepare children to find their purpose in life if they don’t know the purpose of themselves?

And third, the human being can not be explained. So should the educational system not provide ourselves with a basic set of knowledge about who we are? Instead of giving only information about the world in which we live? If they can’t tell us who we are, why don’t they teach us HOW to discover who we are ourselves?

The educational system has the beautiful task to provide us a map of life. To prepare every single child to find out why they’re here and help them to put it into practice by through work. At least provide a curriculum with practical steps so we can discover insights ourselves. Well, maybe they’re just slow, and already developing a system that matches the definition of human education: the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction about ourselves. Until that time, I would like to encourage you to start educating yourself. Not instead of the obligatory education at school, but next to the time you’re in school. I promise you it’ll be worth the journey.

Discover yourself, discover your mind like you discover your body with the girl you’ve met in school. It’s your future. So start educating yourself.