Are you having problems? Start eating chocolates!

Everyone’s a troublemaker at some point in life. Anyone got problems. It’s a formality of life; a part of the puzzle. We all have desires and dreams, but we often don’t know what we really want. It’s like we’re not able to hear the whisperings of our hearts: the place where our dreams and desires live.

To get rid of your problems is the same as getting back on the road to happiness. Because you’ll regain clarity of your vision. This is the same as the life of your dreams. This perfect world is worth the risk to confront your fears and fight your problems. You don’t have to believe me, the experience of solving a problem teaches the lesson.

To solve a problem you first have to know what a problem is. A problem is anything your mind can conceive. It’s a thought fundamentally, which arises in your imagination. However, not every thought is a problem, right? So what makes a thought a problem? Simple, when it’s a negative thought that makes you feel uncomfortable and that you want to go away. Very simple, but not easy.

Any thought is the truth when you believe it is the truth. Your belief makes a negative thought a problem! You give the thought attention, and when you feed it with attention it will grow bigger instead of float by. But that’s exactly what you wish not to happen. So what’s the solution to a problem? The solution is to focus your attention at another thought! Hold an happy image in your mind. Or focus your thoughts at one of your senses: eat chocolate for example! It’s a great excuse for solving your problems! Don’t take thoughts, feelings, circumstances that serious! Play! Choose for freedom of mind. Nobody knows what you think, they might say they do, but they can’t. You already ARE free of mind. You only have to believe it. By eating chocolate.