Being beautiful is a choice, choose to be it!

Life. You create it. Period. If you want something in life, go get it. Know what you want. Know your deepest desire. What makes you truly happy. And start doing the things you need to do to make it a reality! You are the Michaelangelo of your life.

We are all amazing human beings. In essence the same, good and happy! Don’t think. Feel! And enjoy this moment. This moment, here & now, is the only security you have. It’s the only certainty of your life. The rest is up to you. You create your destiny. You create your happiness. You deserve to be happy. You deserve to be wealthy. You deserve to live your dreams. First thing you gotta do is DREAM. Yes, even if you think the world is going to explode tomorrow. Dream on! You’re lucky to be alive. You are gifted by just being a human being. You are a miracle. Don’t search for it, look in the mirror. Every wrinkle, every stray of hair, every piece of skin is magnificent. Your eyes are beautiful. Your eyes are the closest thing to life. They sparkle, they shine! You decide to feel beautiful. So start! There’s no discussion whether you are beautiful or you are not beautiful. Everybody is beautiful. Some may think they’re not beautiful and that’s fine. Everyone has their opinion, which is perfectly fine. You decide to feel beautiful, look at yourself. Search for beauty, and you will find beauty. Search for happiness, and you will find happiness. Search for love, and you will find love! Wherever you search for, you’ll find it. That’s the truth. You create your life with your thoughts. You’ve always done that and you’ll always keep doing this. You do it now.

Think yourself happy, imagine yourself wealthy, picture yourself in love and feeeel whatever may arise. That’s life. It’s nothing more. You can make it as complex as you like. You can make it as simple as wanted. You are a beautiful creature. Keep smiling. Your smile is your greatest possession. It is eternal. So is life. Smile.