The illusionary importance of deadlines

Work is meant to be fun, and it is, essentially. However, when it comes down to deadlines you have to be well educated with the right knowledge, skills and attitude will you succeed to not stress out. You can be intelligent enough to oversee the planning, but without the required self-discipline at some point you will stress out. Have you developed your self-discipline but you don’t know how to work effective and efficiently, you’re going to end up in stress as well. Even if you do know how to plan, you’ve mastered the skills and you’re intelligent enough to use the right attitude… you have to give in at some area of your life, because you’re too tired or working a second job to pay the bills.

Unfortunately this is how many people think and act. They’ve transformed unhealthy believes into habits. They believe that what they think is true, and it’s the only truth. Until some point in their lives they manage to have the first conversation, with someone they believe is worth the talk, so they carefully try another way to work deadlines. And they experience the power of time-management. They experience the power to to work knowledge, skills and attitude in the tempo they prefer, in stead of their superiors. This is where the ball starts rolling. And this is where they start working the potential they’ve been given as human beings.

You are born and then you die, but in between you can do anything you want.