Dream BIG and start BIG

Marbles’ slogan is: Start with a dream.’ People often wonder whether I’m able to give an example of one of my own dreams. I smile in return and pick one of my beautiful dreams out of my mind, as if I pick a sunflower out of the garden. For those who haven’t got the opportunity to ask me for a dream so far: here’s one in black and white.

I dream of directing and hosting the opening of the Olympics in 2040 thematized this event with the magic of Marblesland…

‘I open my eyes and watch the sunrise we’ve designed as the opening of this major event. The crowd goes wild and becomes silent as a result of the spectacular earth-water-wind-fire fountain in the centre of the main stadium. 120.000 people live and 3 billion in front of their digital media. Stunned by the inspiration walking up and down their spines. Music sounds, Hans Zimmer uses the panpipes to touch our hearts in a way we wouldn’t even consider possible before. A rainbow appears and smoothly falls till it hits the ground and a symbolic pot of gold arrises from the ground.. ..in the form of an enormous globe. People start dancing and color the enormous globe with every color imaginable while it gently rises into the air. Forests arise, the ocean appears, cities arise, the Mount Everest appears and the globe keeps rising until it all stops. Panpipes echo, the people stop dancing and direct their attention to the globe, the silence has returned. Breath is hold as the globe slowly transforms into the sun surrounded by little lights as it turns brighter and brighter. A synthesizer awakens everyone and happiness fills the air. Love and joy empower the world in the following 2,5 hours leaving the world behind dreaming. Dreaming about their personal lives and life in general. It is time to be one, as we’ve all experienced during this already historic opening.’

Big dream, uncomfortable feeling. It’s so big I don’t know how to plan it… And because of that I’m convinced the dream suits me. A dream has to be SO BIG you can’t imagine how to manifest it! The only thing you have to do is START by taking a leap of faith. In other words: just do it. Like I did the bungee on the pictures, where I’d jumped into an abyss 160+ meter deep. I didn’t think, I just took a leap of faith.