Have-to versus want-to

A day of school/work has just passed. 8 hours or more you’ve dedicated your energy and time to your ultimate goal. The reason why you go to school, why you go to your work. Oh… You don’t know why you go to school, you are not familiar with the goal you try to realise. That’s ok, a lot people do not know the reason why they go to school or work. Yes, because they HAVE TO because of their parents or making money because ‘their family has to eat.’ Yes, off course are those essential for you. I mean, you want to be loved by your family right? You want to eat healthy and tasteful food right? But, that’s not YOUR reason to work at school or in a job. You DO know why you’re in a relationship with you lover: because it feels great! Well, definitely in the beginning. Here it is: your ultimate goal! You want to feel great. It doesn’t matter what you do, because your happiness comes together with your talents. So you are not only feeling great going to school, but you’re actually very good at it! You are not only feeling wonderful working your job, but you’re actually performing exceedingly well!

So please, find out what makes you truly happy and feel GREAT. You’ll be surprised how easy things will turn out in your favor, without doing the effort you THINK you HAVE to do. Just grab a piece of paper and write this down: What makes me smile?  And jot everything down you can imagine: activities, people, events, hobbies, projects etc. Now go and enjoy yourself! Have fun!