How acts of kindness change your life for good

Kindness is probably the most fundamental aspect of humans nature. Goodness is what brought us here, yet somehow it went missing during growing up. Don’t you recognize being lived by your busy mind everyday? As if playtime gets shorter or already has completely disappeared from your daily life? Small acts of kindness will help to bring back the playtime in life. That’s a given, here are 3 beautiful destinations for it.

Be kind towards yourself

Yes, yourself. You are gifted with two beautiful instruments: your body and your mind. Time, in the aspect of human life, is limited so we should make the best of it. Not only the special occassions, but also the daily rituals as brushing your teeth together with your beloved ones. Yes! The ‘normal’ actions, they are beautiful too! Being kind to yourself means that you take-the-time for every word you say and action you decide to take. It’s that simple.

Be kind towards fellow human beings

Being kind to others is different, or isn’t it? Have you ever thought about the word ‘others’? We are in essence exactly the same: a collection of energy, surrounded by a body labeled with a name. We live different lives, that’s true, yet life isn’t more (nor less) than a beautiful time to enjoy! A place on Earth where we can share our passions, help each other to feel good by simply being kind. Smile while passing, give some helpful advice, share a hug or compliment for something ‘ordinary’ are simple acts of kindness to share on a daily, even hourly base.

Be kind towards all of life on Earth

Life on Earth is everything else than human beings: your pet, other animals, the beautiful flowers in your garden and everything that carries the seed of kindness in it. Life is everything that grows, and lives between birth and death. Being kind to life unlocks your smile, relaxes your body and frees your mind. It also enhances the goodness of the destination your kindness is pointed towards. And to top it all off with a lovely cherry, people who witness an act of kindness are influenced by its positive effects as well!

Again, its in our nature to be kind. Its therefore endlessly available to us. You only have to choose for the goodness in every situation, to experience the truth hidden in this blogpost. If you share kindness abundantly you will watch beautiful things happen because of you, for you and to you. Be kind, because a better world starts with you.