How to dream and start creating a beautiful life

How can you start with a dream if you don’t know exactly what a dream is, or what the definition of ‘to dream’ is? Once you’ve decided to co-create your life aligned with your dreams, you have-to-know what a dream is. Welcome to a dream unplugged.

I think the difference between a thought and a dream is the feeling that’s attached with an image you’ve been thinking for a long time. A dream is a thought you’ve repeated over and over that at some point gained an emotion. A dream is personalized, it’s that feeling that you experience when your thought transforms from a thought to a dream.

What’s the definition of ‘a dream’?
A DREAM: A thought with a feeling.
(Alternative): An image in your mind felt by your heart.

What’s the definition of ‘to dream’?
TO DREAM: To think with your heart.
(Alternative): To form an image in your mind that makes you feel.

When you dream you focus your attention at an image in your mind while you experience your heart feeling. You think with your heart.

I dream about a world in where happiness is the norm. A world in which every individual feels connected with another individual. I dream about a world in which every moment of the day people feel good, independent of outside circumstances. A world where every human being takes 100% responsibility for his thoughts, words and deeds…

I know WHY I dream of this world, because I believe that everyone deserves to be happily living together. I know I can be that some-one out of every-one with the courage to explore the invisible world of my dreams. I know that this world already exists cause I can imagine it. I know that this is possible. I know that I have to stand up and lead my vision by being an example.

I think about HOW to do it. I think about the words that come to me by through books, conversations and my own writings. I don’t think as much as I used to do, because I ‘think’ I don’t need it that much anymore. I rather act upon my dreams.