How to feel good for the rest of your beautiful life

Good answers thrive on good questions. Questioning is necessary to get ahead in life. Your nature is to grow as a human being, whether it be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. The most fundamental question of life is: ‘Why am I here?’ The answer to this question is the same answer to the question: ‘How to feel good for the rest of your beautiful life.’ Let’s dive in the ocean of your mind to find the answer.

WHY is it important?
The answer is very simple. Because you are here on Earth to be of value. Every soul is a part of life. When you’re of value and helping others to grow, you feel good about yourself and that’s the best feeling in the world. Life is the road to happiness, happiness is your nature.

HOW do you find it?
Everyone wants to be of value, it’s in their nature. And their nature is inside them. It’s not out there, not in the physical world to be found. The answers to the two fundamental questions are inside the human being. To find the answers you have to stop thinking and start feeling. I know this is simple, yet everything but easy!

WHAT to start with?
This is where your search begins. No-one can tell you exactly what to do. They can offer you a method, or point you in a direction to read a book, watch a movie or talk with someone, but it won’t be the key to your happiness. The key to your happiness is to do what feels good. Every moment of every day. When you’re feeling good you are feeling light as a feather, happy as a child and everything else that makes you feel relaxed.

Every individual has it’s own interests, and every one has it’s own life-purpose to be of value in this life. The answer to ‘Why am I here?’ is not to be found in books, conversations or meditation in particular. No, every situation or experience has the answer already in it. You only have to see it! It’s YOU that finds your happiness: the answer has to be found inside yourself. Just start doing what makes you feel good and enjoy life!