How to start doing what you love at work

As an executive I want people to fall in love with their jobs. To fall in love is caused by through peace of mind, so the heart’s able to express its love. When someone loves what he does, he sends out positive signals: he vibrates at a high frequency. This vibrating works itself, in fact: everyone is vibrating all the time! If one stops vibrating, he stops living. To do what one loves, one has to know what excites him, what makes one feel good. This, however, seems harder than it actually is.

I want every member of the Marbles family to vibrate at high frequencies. This can be measured by feeling good. If one feels good he’s literally vibrating at a high frequency. Every thought has a frequency, every word has one and every deed has one.

Roughly described do people have two kinds of tasks: have-to’s and want-to’s. Work is often experienced as a collection of have-to’s: tasks that have-to be done. Have-to’s are things people don’t like doing, but consider to be done anyway. The second one makes people feel energized, they seem to fly by and are liked.

Want-to’s are high frequency deeds that makes one feel good! Everyone has experience with these kind of tasks. Yet, sometimes it seems one’s life is filled with have-to’s. There could be nothing further from the truth. But one’s focus can’t handle two things at the same time. This means that if I focus my thoughts at have-to’s I won’t see want-to’s. In other words: if I focus my thoughts at negativity I won’t see positivity.

For me, as an executive, the answer is simple: I first want-to understand business in theory, followed by finding people who want-to take responsibility for some part of it until I’ve formed a team of people who love what they do, so they can start doing what they love.

In the end it’s up to me and every human being living on Earth. If I want to feel good, I have to focus my thoughts at the things that I like. Yes, I believe everyone has things he has-to do, but as long as one focusses at the things one likes: one will feel good! The starting point of feeling good is the decision to focus on positive things: the want-to’s. If I believe I don’t know what I want, I have-to(!) be prepared to get lost in a world of negativity and positivity outside of my control.