How you can easily use happy thoughts to overcome sadness

Sometimes I have a feeling in my stomach. One that keeps me awake. A feeling of which I know, something… needs to change. No, it’s not being in love, it’s rather the opposite of happiness. It’s called unhappiness: an unhappy feeling. Now, science states a bundle of thoughts causes a feeling. This means that unhappy feelings are caused by unhappy thoughts. That’s good news! Because it means that I can change that unhappy feeling, by thinking happy thoughts!

“Come with me to Never Land,” Peter Pan said.
“How do we get there?” asked Michael.
“We fly, of course,” Peter said, zipping around the room.
- “Then we cannot go,” said Wendy sadly. “We do not know how to fly.”
“Flying is easy,” Peter Pan said. “JUST THINK HAPPY THOUGHTS.”

Now, as a kid I must have known what happy thoughts define, but right now, as a 25-year old, I can’t frame it anymore. I decided to do some research, but science couldn’t help me, neither did You Tube, Facebook or Twitter. It seemed I had to look elsewhere, somewhere children know the way around. There’s only one place to go, I thought, I have to go inside my heart. So I did. I sat down, closed my eyes and became silent. I went on a mission: find happy thoughts. For a while I didn’t find anything but darkness, until suddenly a smile appeared: it was a picture of a child I’ve treated in a Nepalese hospital. I started smiling myself and more images appeared. A happy girl running after a bee in a green meadow waving at the sun with a dandelion she’d plucked. My family back in the days at the top of the Top of the Rock in NYC, smiling at the camera, to be printed out and decorate our living room nowadays. Myself swimming in crystal clear warm water with my girlfriend, awaiting our lunch at Hawaii. All kind of images passed through, whether I’d experienced them in the past, or dreamed about them to happen in the future: they had one thing in common: they made me feel happy!

It seemed that one happy thought had unlocked others to follow through. Exactly as a Dutch proverb states: “When one sheep is over the dam, the rest will follow.” But, more importantly, I’d defined happy thoughts! The journey inside happened to be the way to unlock a clear definition, which was more simpler than I’ve could imagined. Happy thoughts are images in your mind that make you feel happy! It’s not a particular image, nor a set of thoughts, it’s whatever makes you feel happy!

Research had never felt so good nor made me come alive! This won’t be the last time I’ll create a smile on my face consciously. In fact, after this post I will close my eyes again and focus my mind at happy thoughts to get lost in my imagination… and fly again.