Success needs action, so take it. Today!

I love to work out. It relaxes my body and my mind follows automatically. I like CrossFIT in particular. CrossFIT is a strength and conditioning program with constantly varied, high intensity and functional movements. Walking on my hands is one of my favorite exercises. The performance of a handstand with push-ups makes it even harder for me, especially when I won’t be supported by a wall. I like to be honest with you; the harder an exercise might be, the more I will put myself to it. Mastery is the result of practice. Perseverence is the key to success!

Action is the foundational key to all success. – Pablo Picasso

Seven months back, March 2012, I’d been challenged to do 5 muscle-ups. This is an exercise you won’t see in a regular Fitness-school. It’s an exercise where coordination and power (strength & speed) are blend together. The horizontal bar is where this exercise is performed. Well, as I already stated: the harder the exercise, the more I want to master it. So I started training and eventually managed to place a horizontal bar in our backyard. A friend  build it at work guided by the calculations of my brother. A solid project considering the 40kg of cement as shoes…

The challenge eventually became a goal which I could tick off six weeks ago. Today I managed to finish ten muscle-ups in a row after 5 kilometers of running with my brother. This achievement not only gives me confidence but also shows me that impossible doesn’t exist. Nothing is impossible. Impossible only exists when you believe it does. As many of you know, the sport Fitness challenges our self-discipline followed by the fact that 80% of people who begin an exercise program will quit. I have also difficulties getting up at 6PM in the morning to run every workday, but when I’ve done the run, gasping for air, I feel proud to have beaten ‘impossible’ at this time of the day… It motivates me to be ambitious!

Just do it. This well-known slogan states exactly what success is all about: ACTION.