Marbles vision animated (pt. I): True friendship

We envision a world here every human being – yes everyone – is living their dreams, inspiring one another to achieve greatness. We’ve named our vision ‘One good world.’ This vision originates out of three busy minds: Bart, Tom & Roel van Sleeuwen: the founders of Marbles. All well and said, what-does-it-actually-mean? This is a golden question, and to be honest with you: it means so much we can’t picture it by ourselves. The reason why we can’t picture it is very simple: because every human being has his/her own beautiful dreams. In other words; you’re the only one who can live the life of your dreams.

Now, you start living the life of your dreams the moment you start dreaming… followed by action upon your dreams in order to manifest them: and achieve greatness. Because we’ve experienced repeated demotivation to dream in our primary & secundary education, we want you to under-stand dreams! One of the ways we believe we can inspire you to start dreaming (again) is to picture fragments of One good world. Today will be our first fragment…


True friendship
This picture talks… but what does it actually say to us? To us it shares the true beauty of friendship. A moment in a photo where 3 older man live: they are themselves. Living in their own tempo: one smiling, other in thoughts and the third in action. They can be themselves, taking a break from whatever they were busy with… Together in a relaxed setting…

This picture is brilliant, so we thank the photographer for his contribution to our imagination. We believe friendship is more beautiful than words can describe, and we know how important it is – working our dreams into reality, being brothers and best friends.