5 simple questions to start controlling your life

Seven days ago I shared something very personal with you. Here I shared insights from an interview from myself to… myself. I intended to inspire you, the reader, to play with your own imagination and get lost in the wonderful world of your dreams. Today I am sharing once again some questions and answers designed to make you become familiar with the endless possibilities of your mind, by thinking them over for yourself. Feel free to travel along…

What makes you really happy?
‘People who are smiling on the street, in the house, at work and everywhere else I turn. My girlfriend makes me happy everytime she looks at me. Waking up excites me to enjoy the little things: my habits of meditation, qigong, vizualisation practice and fruit breakfast. Good movies with great actors make me happy because of the new worlds they reflect. Writing is my passion and excites me to create new worlds myself. I enjoy sports like CrossFIT, swimming and every ballsport I can imagine. The driving force behind my happiness are the happy thoughts that inspire me to create goodness together with my brothers at Marbles, our company. I am a happy man and I’m working hard to inspire others with my happiness.’

What would you do differently if you could start over again?

What would you do if you were the President?
‘Connect people to the truth by being an example of this truth, believing in a society where everyone’s freely expressing their true selves, shining their light upon each other and live together happily here and now.’

What are you proud of?
‘My choice to act upon my heart’s desire and drop out of school. Exploring the discomfort of new habits in order to express myself truly. Every smile I feel, every breath I take, every result I’m aware of. I am proud of my parents that they brought me into this world and taught me well. I am proud of myself as the promise of a better world.’

What would you be honored and recognized for?
‘Expanding human awareness. Mastering life. Writing stories and talk about them. Pulling off a billion dollar company; Marbles in order to make dreams come true. The smile on my face in this very moment. My wistle as a result of my sincere happiness I feel throughout the day. My honesty in speech, words and actions. The love and peace of mind I express interacting with others. My guts to act upon my heart’s desire.’

I’ve posted the last question for the second time. Now, I have a reason for this. Every man’s and woman’s life is colored by their own thoughts. If you think you’re ugly, and you repeat this long enough until you start believing it, you feel ugly. You will never be ugly, but the feeling itself can make you feel quite miserable about yourself. I’ve reposted my answer in order to inspire you to reflect upon your own answer: what would you be honored and recognized for?

The moment you start thinking about the answer for yourself will be the start of living your dreams. To live your dreams starts with… a dream! It’s this simple, yet not easy. Because after you’ve started dreaming, you’ll have to follow through with other dreams and action upon your dreams. This process is called habit changing, and is probably the most difficult thing in the world, because it makes you feel uncomfortable… for a while. Until the moment you start believing, and formed a new habit: the habit of living your dreams.

Next week, I’ll follow up with a new post designed to inspire you to make use of your greatest gift: your imagination. Have a good one.