Sing to feel good and boost your mood

Singing enlights my smile. I know I can’t sing well enough for others to listen to, but I sure enjoy this innocent activity. I particularly enjoy the high notes, not because I really fail at them but because they tickle. I presume you’ve tried to catch the high notes as well sometime in your life. Wasn’t it at the shower than you’d probably hit them in the car.

One of my favorite songs to sing along is ‘Loving You – Shanice’. The one song you can’t sing when you’re missing a golden throat. The ‘F’ connects the Earth with Heaven which won’t probably make you smile immediately. The recipe to smile, laugh and double up with laughter doesn’t listen closely… No, instead you should keep your focus at the singers voice and open your own mouth. Again, DON’T LISTEN to your own voice. Now make a sound and try to reach the high notes. If you’ve got enough of trying, stop thinking about environmental issues and start doing! One car damages the ozone layer more than your roaring. And besides, the happy face that follows your expression lifts the frequency of the world up and literally makes it a better place.

Other great happiness-boosters with high notes are ‘Somebody to Love – Queen & George Michael’, ‘Run the World – Beyonce’, ‘Live your Life by Rihanna and T.I.’ and another great all-time favorite ‘We belong Together- Mariah Carey’.

I want you to feel GREAT! If you want to feel GREAT yourself, please turn on the music you like. Search Youtube for happiness-boosters and let yourself go cause you deserve the right to be happy. OH! ABC van The Jackson Five! Tududududuuu easy as 123!! Enjoy joy joy!