Smile is a verb

In today’s society we think so much. And that’s fine and even necessary. BUT, because we focus our attention at our THOUGTS, we forget to ENJOY everything. We forget to SMILE. You probably wonder WHY. The funny thing is that you don’t need a reason to smile. Just do it. You’re the best at it. Everyone is.

Problem: worry

Fact: Human kind’s #1 fear is the fear of poverty.

Solution: smile

Fact: Smiling is as stimulating as receiving up to €19.000 in cash.

Everybody knows what a smile is and how to smile. Some people know better how to fake their smile than enjoying a real one. I had been one of them. Mainly during the time I was discovering my thinking capabilities, so I speak from experience.

Fact: Children smile 300-400 times a day.

I’d forgotten to feed and power the child within me. Listen carefully to this stunning fact: everyone is born as a baby. And, again: everybody is, somewhere deep within, still a child. It’s the funny part of you, the home of your playfullness.

Fact: 14% of grown-ups smile less than 20 times a day.

You probably think(!) you’re not one of them, but I can assure you… The thought itself is already worth 200 lost smiles. The most beautiful thing in the world is your smile. Enjoy the game of smiling and the smiles of others.

Even the ones who risk their lives to WIN everything: relax, YOU are the quizmaster so you’ll always ‘win’. Smile!