Tale of happiness: A dark night at the campfire (2/2)

Once upon a time two friends were enjoying a couple of beers in front of their parents house. The moment the thunder break loose they headed inside. Frank, the happy one had shared an insight with Bill, who was the pessimist of the two. Bill had been quiet for half an hour, and remained silent after crashing in the comfortable sofa which invited the two inside with a smile. Frank’s mother shouted out loud that the pancakes were ready to be enjoyed any minute. Frank’s eyes gazed at Bill, awaiting a response which didn’t come, so he decided to go and help his mum serving the pancakes.

A door smashed and a young boy stormed inside in extreme panic. Bill got up and jumped in front of the running boy to stop him. He only needed a few seconds to find out the panic was real. He kneeled down and asked the boy what was going on. The boy started crying and told Bill through his tears that his friend got taken by an old scary man, in the forest at the campfire. The boy and his friends hadn’t notice the old man, so they couldn’t have foreseen the kidnap of their friend. “What’s your name, boy?” Bill asked.

“John” the young boy reluctantly. Bill looked at Frank and before the boy could say an extra word they were outside, running back in the direction where John had came from…

Left, right, straight on, left, left, the boy functioned as a living GPS-system. Until he suddenly stopped running and hold up his hand to ‘sssht’ their entrance at the spot. The two friends hold stil and followed the young boy’s directions. A campfire crackled while they crouched down to get used to the darkness inside the forest. They appeared to be the only ones, until something seem to approach on their left.

“Brian?” the young boy stood up and walked foreward. “Brian!” He ran toward his friend and stopped in front of Brian’s surprised face. “Where have you been? Lars has been taken by a scary man, haven’t you heard?” Brian started stumbling without saying a word and seemed to be confused. “Brian? What’s up?” John asked.

– “Yeah Brian, what is happening here?” Bill had left his camouflage to clear up the situation.

Brian couldn’t hold his tears any longer and started crying. Bill awaited patiently in the forest, without entering the spot. Brian shared that the entire plan with Michael had failed. They planned to scare John and his friends at the campfire. Brian said that he was frightened to death when they found out that the campfire place was empty 10 minutes after their departure. Silence… Brian looked at the ground, surprised by Bill’s laugh. Bill fell to the ground roaring with laughter. John joined him while Brian dried his tears. He didn’t understand anything of what was happening in front of him. While Michael came joining his friend a couple of moments later, Frank left the forest as well to explain what had just happened.

While Brian and Michael were preparing the campfire, John knew they were up to something. He had followed them into the woods during their preparation and found out he was right. So he had managed help from his older friends: Frank and Bill… To be closeby, they would be visiting John’s mother. The other friends had followed John into the house to explain the situation to John’s mother while enjoying their hot chocolates, waiting for the pancakes to be ready. Brian and Michael had fallen into their own trap. Their plan had failed, and rewarded them with an old but wise lesson of life: “Be hoist with one’s own petard.” Michael smiled and shook John’s hand, followed by Brian. The boys laughed while putting out the fire They would head home together to enjoy each other’s friendship and fresh baked pancakes happily ever after …