Tale of happiness: A dark night at the campfire (1/2)

Once upon a time twenty little children sat down a campfire. It was a very cold saturdaynight  of -13 Celcius degrees. Midnight was about to arrive, yet the children hadn’t experienced what they came for. They were all 13 years of age and characterized by a curious mind. What were they waiting for?

It all started 4 days ago, when two young friends; Brian and Michael had an idea. They were keen of adventure and scary stories. They stayed together several nights a month to discover new worlds. Their parents had given them flashlights and approved the building of blanket houses. It all started playing, however, it went serious pretty quickly. The moment it escalated happened on this Saturday.

Brian woke up in the darkness, climbed out of bed and walked downstairs to make himself some milk. When he crossed the room he got hit by an idea. He stopped and an evil smile entered his face. 10 minutes later Michael’s face carried the same smile. They managed to skip their soccermatch and gather dry sticks in the woods. Michael sat down next to the pack of dry sticks to text their friends. He invited them to join tonight after diner and listen to stories, enjoy marshmallows and play games at the campfire. After preparing the campfire they only had to wait for their friends to arrive.

Before sunset 20 young ones had arrived at the spot and were enjoying marshmallows. Brian head away to get more marshmallows and soon after Michael followed him, because ‘it took Brian too long to get back’ he told the others. Ten minutes later everyone at the campfire started to wonder where the two had go. After some minutes of debates 5 of them went looking for them… to be continued…