Tale of happiness: A lesson in love

Once upon a time… a happy couple got married in the midst of the spring. The sun enlightened their minds to see clear and warmed their hearts in preparation of the love they were about to share for the rest of their lives. One of the 5 bridesmaids didn’t smile for the entire ceremony. Her name was Sarah, and she participated the abundant atmosphere of happiness on this very special day. The groom was her brother and though he seemed happy Sarah felt discomfort in his presence. His smile wasn’t sincere or in her own words: ‘from the heart’. Her brothers heart wasn’t happy, so she decided to help him.

As quick as her feet could follow her desire to help she ran the stairs up to the bedroom of her parents. She searched for her mothers necklace everyone was so fond of. Aha! Right in front of her she found was she was looking for. She carefully climbed down the stairs and crossed the garden to crash the wedding with a smile. She slowed down to stop till she stood next to her brother. Her little hands tightly held the necklace against her chest. Her brother stopped his speech and tried to wave her away with another fake smile. She didn’t move, though. She intended to make her brother smile without breaking his heart. No, she wanted to make his heart sing, so she kept smiling. Her brother knew Sarah for her persistent honest. He realized his little sister needed something to share with him. Though he didn’t understand her intentions he kneeled down and accepted the little gift Sarah gave him. He opened her hands and saw the necklace of his mother. He opened the charm where a picture of his mother and father kissing each other passionately. He looked up to Sarah while a tear rolled down his cheeks. He took her in his arms and stood up. He waved away his speech and found eye-contact with his wife who looked a little confused. He took her by the hand to stand up. He was about to break the silence with the words she’d never heard anyone tell her before. She had never heard Daniel speak these words out loud, though she felt he truly cared for her. Her most beautiful dream she’d been nurturing since childhood became a reality. ‘I love you.’ Her heart jumped up and down, and made her feel beyond GREAT. These words literally meant the world to her. In an intense hug with Daniel she felt Sarah wipe her tears away with her tiny hands. Daniels smile took care for the rest of her most beautiful day of this new life. A life together with the man of her dreams.

She soon after realized it was Sarah who’d pushed her brother over the edge of his deepest emotions. By only giving him a picture of their beloved parents the two had lost 4 years ago. Life truly goes on as a collection of moments, in which every moment carries the seed of happiness. She’d captured one moment and abundantly shared its magic with her beloved ones. Sarah had taught her to care for the little things. These little things that gave every life meaning, in which the great moments like a wedding found its colorful bliss. Grateful for the lesson she’d learned, she decided to build upon this magic moment for the rest of her life, to live love in the presence of her family happily ever after…