Tale of happiness: chasing dreams

Once upon a time a little boy climbed down the ladder of his parents home. It was 2:00AM and the entire city was asleep. His name was George and he was 9 years old. He followed his dream because he wanted to live his dreams. He hit the ground and quietly crossed the frontyard to the garage where the box was awaiting his action. The box was heavy but George managed to lift it up and store it on his bike. He silently drove down the entranceway to disappear into the darkness of the warm Thursday night.

His bicycle stood against the fence of the library and the street was quiet. Nobody would notice the focussed young George for if the posters he was sticking weren’t visible. Yet, it was his intention for the posters to be visible to the world. The more, the better he… KABOEM!!! This unexpected sound frightened George because he didn’t know what it meant. The library had not moved, however he climbed down as fast as his body let him. He crossed the schoolyard and jumped on his bike. He was too scared to complete his quest and drove home as fast as he could.

The next morning was different from the normal ones. George woke up before 7AM and yawned himself out of bed. The sun wasn’t his alarm, no it was a weird feeling inside his stomach. He wasn’t hungry, yet he went downstairs to have breakfast. While he walked down the stairs he stopped. His parents sat at the table and looked up in seriousness.

‘George? Come and sit down, we want you to tell us what happened yesterday.’
– ‘What for?’ George’s mouth was dry and his eyes were big.
‘You know exactly what for, young man. Come here.’

George walked down the stairs and sat down next to his mother who looked at him as if he’d murdered the cat. He looked at his father and awaited his tyranny. His father turned to him and looked George deep in his eyes.

‘I’m very proud about what you’ve done yesterday son,’ he smiled.
– George looked up in confusion; ‘Wh.. what do you mean, dad?’
‘Your posters.’
– ‘I don’t understand dad? I mean have you… ‘
‘Sshh, sshh, no George, listen. Tonight were 8 robbers caught for a robbery in the National bank. Not because of their perfect planning, nor for their excellent teamwork, but because of you…’
– ‘Me?’
‘Yes, you'; whispered his father. ‘Somehow, they shut themselves in because they saw shadows moving on the rooftop of the library, and miscalculated their escape.’
– ‘But, how do you know all this?’
His father smiled and looked down: ‘I was the second shadow, my boy. The box caught my eye last night, and I knew you were up to something. So I followed you.’ He waited for 3 seconds and continued: ‘I made sure your lost posters were from the streets before anyone’d noticed and waited until you’d fallen asleep, before I entered the garage.’
– George eyes were large and he started smiling: ‘I didn’t know that… Thank you for helping me dad!’

His father hugged him and George went outside into the garage. His father looked at his wife; ‘Sometimes the truth is more beautiful than fiction huh? Can you imagine?’
– She remained silent and touched his cheek: ‘Keep following your dreams honey. You once told me that one lives his dreams the moment he starts dreaming, followed by action upon his dream right?’
‘Right. Why?’ George’s father replied.
– She remained silent for a moment… ‘Waking up isn’t the same stopping dreaming… Waking up is deciding to follow your dreams and never stop chasing them.’

The three happened to enjoy their vacation at the Hawaiian Islands, for the reward George had been given for his bravery to live their dreams happily ever after…