Tale of happiness: Enlightening the world in Miami

This week I got inspired by the teamwork on Wednesday the 19th of December while interacting with my two brothers, best friends and companions. We were clarifying our duties and responsibilities and took the opportunity to find what we were looking for… I dedicate this weeks Tale of Happiness to this inspiration.

Once upon a time… three brothers stood outside enjoying the sunset at Miama Beach. They felt tired and went to bed, except for the youngest one: David. While Ryan drank a second cup of water, Billy’d already fallen asleep on the couch in the living room. Ryan smiled and walked the staircase up to the masterbedroom of the house. Before they had arrived 5 weeks ago Ryan won the bet to be the first one who crossed the street and the beach to touch the water being completely naked. The bet was set for what bed to choose and so Ryan ended up in the master bedroom, where he’d already fallen asleep as well, while I tell you the preface of this tale.

David wasn’t passionate about facts nor figures, he’d rather discover the unseen, invisible life. So he worked on his project one hour every night. Nobody knew what the project was about, except for the man with his dog who walked the beach at night. He used to stand still and wait for the lights coming out of the ground in the frontyard of the beach-house named after ‘freedom’. These lights reminded him of the old days when he sailed the great ocean in search for his destiny. He thought he’d found it here, in Miami, but he started doubting when he came across ‘the purple glow of magic’ as he called it. He smiled without wondering what the lights were all about until his dog started barking and he decided to walk back home. Meanwhile David had spend another 10 minutes at his ‘Great Discovery’ as he liked to call it. He scratched the back of his hand and whistled his favorite song. He stared at the wooden ceiling and switched the lights off. He kept whistling and turned his night vision he was wearing back on. He grabbed one of his screwdrivers and decided to show his brothers what he had worked on for the entire five weeks they were spending in Miami. They had all accepted the opportunity to spend 6 weeks in Miami with whatever they felt like doing as long as it boosted their happiness. Billy had learned to pop and lock in the famous beach-clubs and was seeing a beautiful girl with deep blue eyes named Elisa. Ryan on the other hand had visited a seminar of Bob Proctor known as a famous motivational speaker and enjoyed dinner with Will Smith who’d invited him at his home. Ryan worked on his third book to become another bestseller and was mastering the necessity to do whatever felt uncomfortable. A quite extraordinary way to feel happy in the eyes of others. Despite the opinions of other, his brothers knew he walked the road to happiness as happy as a child. They spent nights at the beach talking about life and unconsciously grow stronger as individuals and as a team.

The sun silently awoke Miami to quickly spread the news across their friends and family to drop by ‘Freedom’, the house of the three brothers. Ryan opened his eyes and frowned his eyebrows because of the unusual sounds he heard coming from outside. He heard people talking, in fact, he heard a lot of people talking. He got up and walked towards the horizon-wide window to open it. At first he saw the enormous crowd that’d gathered and blocked the streets. Then he changed his focus and followed the gazes to the left side of their frontyard. With a BIG smile he run downstairs to step outside. Everyone started clapping his hands and their smiling faces inspired Ryan to bow three times. ‘How did he pull this off?’ he wondered in search for David. He didn’t find him until he heard people start cheering again, this time in the direction of the spectacle itself. Ryan entered the frontyard without taking his eyes of this wonder of creation. While he gathered the crowd he gained full vision of David’s Great Discovery. David had managed to redefine art with this piece he’d baptized ‘family’. 50ft tall and stammeringly beautiful… It would be marked as the starting point of the worldwide success of the three brothers, who’d just realized one of their first BIG dreams. Life is truly beautiful if you want it to be. Billy, Ryan and David believe this and still work their dreams into reality to inspire the world happily ever after…