Tale of happiness: Snow adventure

Once upon a time… a little boy clothed in 3 layers of winter clothing ran down the streets near his home. He cried tears of joy because of the snowflakes that had started to fall down the sky. Berry didn’t understand where they came from, he didn’t know what a snowflake in essence is, or what it looks like in front of a microscope, he wasn’t sure about its taste, he didn’t know what it felt like to be falling down as one, he didn’t understand how a snowflake got created, all he know was that it was the most beautiful phenomenon of nature he had ever witnessed. He jumped up and down, around and around, trying to catch as many snowflakes as he could catch. An old lady witnessed the little boy smiling while wobbling her rocking chair. Her husband stood behind her and gave her a sweet kiss on her forehead. Classical works of art from Vivaldi colored their cozy living room and the boy ran along the road to share the cookies he was told by his mother to bring to his biggest friend; Mr. Jolly Jonny Barnes who was a work of art himself!

Jolly Jonny Barnes was always carrying his biggest smile on his face in presence of Berry. These two best friends always found something to explore. This day would be remembered as one special day. Jolly Jonny Barnes took Berrys hand and together they walked into the kitchen. Berry had never really noticed all the utensils. It looked messy though they were ‘clean as a magic bean’ in his best friends own words. Jolly Jonny Barnes hummed his way through the kitchen in search for something he couldn’t find. ‘Ah! Here it is’, he rummaged in the drawer to pull out an enormous knife. He smiled and unlocked the door to his garden. He didn’t let go of Berrys hand until they approached the woods in which the garden gently fused. Berry didn’t ask a thing, because he’d became extremely curious about the adventure that had just begun. They crossed the woods where the snow didn’t fall until they entered another property in the middle of the woods. The snow fell down again but Jolly Jonny Barnes didn’t notice it, something else had caught his eye. They crossed the whitened west side of the garden. Berry couldn’t believe his eyes: he saw a little dog standing in the snow, shivering from the cold. Nowhere to shelter from the cold snowflakes, and very happy to see them approaching. Berry got surprised by the response of the dog which had made eye contact with Jolly Jonny Barnes. It seemed they knew each other! Jolly ‘sshht’ the dogs happy barks to silence and took out his knife to untie the happy little dog. He gave the rope, what was left of it, to Berry and directed him back into the woods, though it was another direction as where they came from. They started running again and Jolly Jonny Barnes started singing. The snowflakes swirled down as if nothing changed. They crossed the woods and stopped in the middle of Monkey Street, Berry was familiar with. He kneeled down to hug the little dog. Words fell short, so they smiled along the silence of this first snowy winter day of the year.

Berry knew why Jolly Jonny Barnes had released the dog. His old friend smiled and kneeled down as well. ‘Berry? Animals need people like you to look after them. Do you understand?’ and Berry happily nodded, Jolly Jonny Barnes responded with: ‘His name is Story, and your mum knows you’ll be bringing home a dog with you today.’ He put his arm around Berry and hugged him firmly. He knew his brother in the woods would not be looking for Story. He knew that Story would have a great time in the presence of his happy little friend. And so he smiled, because he knew that everyone in this game would be happy for the unexpected and mysterious adventure they’d just completed. Three happy souls marked the pedestrian path walking home, waiting for another adventure to begin and live smiling ever after…