Tale of happiness: Journey to freedom

Once upon a time… a man sat down a tree. He watched thoughts floating by. You could say they were his thoughts, but they weren’t. Thoughts weren’t going to stay in his mind so why would he pay attention to them? Five years ago he’d won the 100m sprint in town twenty kilometers from his home. He’d participated to prove himself he should be able to follow his thoughts anywhere. Yet he wasn’t, he couldn’t manage to keep his thoughts. He possessed nothing but 3 goats and a house which were nothing more than leaves hanging above an old hammock where he lay down at night. The moment he’d realized his thoughts weren’t his, he heard the water flow through the river across the hill next to the grassland his goats were grazing. His thinking had stopped for an instance, without warning. It was only a moment, but it was enough to make him sense true beauty. His thinking almost instantly started running again, but the thoughts had lost their grip on him. He smiled and found himself to have peace of mind. He’d always thought that he was free from his thoughts, now he realized he’d been fooling himself his entire life. He’d forgotten to enjoy the fruits for breakslow, the warmth of his goats at night, the comfort of cold water to rinse off, the clouds up high that made him discover his dreams, the happy faces at his previous birthday… He’d all forgotten to enjoy them, because he prioritized his thinking above living. The thoughts had kept him busy for years to finally release him this very ordinary afternoon. The warmth couldn’t bother him anymore, neither were his thoughts which raced through his mind, begging for attention.

This lasted for an hour till everything returned to silence. His eyes glanced looking over the world which had regained its beautiful colors. He felt peaceful and finally understood what life was all about. Love. An ordinary discovery by an ordinary man or would it be considered to be a special discovery by a special man? He knew that he wasn’t more special than others. Thankful for his discovery he smiled and wouldn’t stop smiling for the rest of his life. He spent time with his goats and enjoyed his thoughts happily ever after…