Tale of happiness: The everchanging haircut

Once upon a time the Earth stood still for a moment or two. Alicia stopped breathing while she gazed in the mirror. She’d never seen a black bob line before, though it would have helped her this Tuesday afternoon at 4pm. She grasped for air and her breathing slowly returned.

‘What do you think?’, asked Marcel, her favourite barber.

– Though her eyes betrayed her inner feelings, she replied: ‘What do yóu think of it?’

With great respect for her unspoken feelings Marcel said: ‘You don’t like it, huh?’

Big tears started rolling down Alicia’s face. Yet before she could cover her eyes Marcel turned the chair toward him, so she could see his dead seriousness.

‘Don’t forget the reason you did this’, his words made her realize again why she’d chosen for this nightmare of a haircut. She looked up and Marcel dried up her tears with his sleeve. ‘You’re a woman on a mission’, he smiled. ‘Now go.’

She refound her strength and stood up to confront herself in the mirror once again. Her smile encouraged her that little extra she needed to face her parents and tell them it was over. The long and windy road of mediocrity wasn’t going to be her life. She had always longed for happiness, and she knew that nobody could help her out. Not on this topic. She was on her own, and ready to start over. She’d decided to share her desire for love and so she went off. She kissed marcel on his cheek and touched the cold of the snow to ran home. Warm feelings inside, because she knew how brave she was to tell her parents she was about to come out of the closet.