Tale of happiness: The girl without imagination

Once upon a time… Silence filled the cold air. Though darkness had fallen down, you could smell the approaching snowstorm already. The absence of voices covered the main street. Another drop fell down, her head was covered with a colorful blanket. Purple, red and yellow in diamond prints to be precise. She touched her nose briefly and smiled while she hid her hand back into her cozy mountain of blankets. Her feet shuffled down the alley she turned in and an old lady crossed her path 40 yards in front of her. She stopped and heard her moaning which matched her typical walk of life. The old lady crossed the alley thirteen seconds later and slammed a door followed so silence returned. Her nose became warm and she enjoyed the pleasant feeling for a moment or two.

She started whispering the words she’d been reading today at the metro seven hours ago. The journal was called ‘Le Parisien’ and spoke about architectural manuals to plan your life. She particularly liked the word ‘love’. It made her feel warm inside when repeating it out loud. After 7 minutes of repeating this word, she closed her eyes and simply feel her hearth glowing inside of her. Love, love, love, love… 600+ times in a row, on the in- and exhalation. She felt as if she discovered a secret inside the newspaper, something people wouldn’t be able to notice because of the immense quantity of words that accompanied this single one. A snowflake caught her eye and decorated the street. As if he’d explored the street for its safety, his fellow white ones covered the sky. Only gifted and disabled children of the earth could hear them land on the street, the rooftops, the lanterns and pavement. She didn’t think about this, she simply couldn’t. She didn’t possess the possibility to think, she just sensed the present world. Her mind actively helped her to move around, but nothing more. She didn’t ‘mind’, she knew better… In the world of grown-ups only gifted and disabled children are able to sense extremely well. The world of children beholds another truth… one you’ll only get to know if you listen carefully. By simply focusing your attention at the other instead of yourself.

The happy girl wandered off and disappeared into the night, guided by her own light to play with life happily ever after…